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For years, Ronny Kaplan has worked by his Father Izzy’s side, helping him to achieve his lifelong dream; to invent the first automated bagel-making machine. But when Ronny alone comes up with a better design, and wealthy Cousin Howard offers to invest in it over his Father’s original one, not only does it cause a big family rift, but Ronny discovers that with a not-so-kosher business partner, an upset wife and some angry bagel bakers stirring up trouble, he may have bitten off more than he can chew​.

BAGELS! is a new musical inspired by a truly monumental event in history, 
the invention of the first, automated bagel machine!

Book and Lyrics by Chana Wise
Music by Carl Johnson
Join us for two upcoming developmental readings 

at the Attic Theatre in Santa Ana, CA, on April 14 at 7:00PM, 
and at Temple Israel in Long Beach, CA on June 10, at 10:00AM. 
To attend either of these readings please click the bagel below!
Welcome to Bagels the Musical!
Bagels! was chosen as a finalist for the 2015 Neil Simon Playwriting Contest and was included as one of four plays, and the only musical, in the Jewish Ensemble Theatre's 27th Annual Festival of New Plays.

Bagels! was produced as a developmental workshop in the summer of 2015 by the 4 x 10 Ensemble in North Hollywood. It was directed by John Henry Davis, musically directed by Emily Cohen and choreographed by Palmer Davis. The same production was also invited to be part of the New Musicals, Inc. STAGES festival for two performances, one at NMI in North Hollywood and one at 3-D theatricals in Anaheim, California.

Bagels! is also looking to establish relationships with theatres or producers interested in partnering with us on our next step!

On the following pages you'll find detailed information about the show, hear songs from the demo, see pictures from a developmental workshop of the show, and find links to other shows by Carl Johnson and Chana Wise - the whole schmear!