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For years, Ronny Kaplan has worked by his Father Izzy’s side, helping him to achieve his lifelong dream; to invent the first automated bagel-making machine. But when Ronny alone comes up with a better design, and wealthy Cousin Howard offers to invest in it over his Father’s original one, not only does it cause a big family rift, but Ronny discovers that with a not-so-kosher business partner, an upset wife and some angry bagel bakers stirring up trouble, he may have bitten off more than he can chew​.
BAGELS! is a new musical inspired by a truly monumental event in history, 
the invention of the first, automated bagel machine!

Book and Lyrics by Chana Wise
Music by Carl Johnson
Welcome to Bagels the Musical!
recently names a finalist in the 2019 TRU Voices Reading Series